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He really didn’t like what he had to do for Sookie :D

He did for her, but there’s no doubt it stung.

It stung a whole lot and New Sookie is totally oblivious to it all. Where is sensitive caring Old Sookie who could see the love in Eric ,even though he tried as hard as he could to cover it up and hide it from her and everyone else. bB killed her off and refuses to resurrect her. instead he wants to resurrect ?Bill by making him human it seems.

Just imagine how he must have felt, being asked by both Sookie and Bill to help resolve their relationship issues when he loves her so much?  This is why he went to Ginger.  He thought making good on his promise would relieve some of the anger and hurt he was feeling, but that didn’t even work out for him.  Ginger was done before he could even get started.

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Can you even begin to except that fact that True Blood is emding? I sure as hell can't

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Hi Anon,

I’m both saddened and relieved that it’s almost over, which is tragic all on it’s own.  No, I can’t believe it’s ending. I’m sad because this has been my biggest summer pleasure, which carried over to all of the other seasons. :)  But, I’m relieved, because this show took a turn last season that I didn’t expect and it has continued through to this season.  It’s been painful to watch and I feel sucker punched.  I never thought the show I was watching was about a girl being drawn into a world of repeated manipulation and abuse, with her abuser winning in the end.  I didn’t expect all of the collateral damage of characters I love at the hands of one character for whom the writers and show runner have the biggest hard on. I didn’t expect the direction of the show to be so connected to the actor’s personal life, nor did I expect that connection to be so celebrated by the writers and showrunner. 

So, yeah, I can’t believe it’s all going to end. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. I don’t know what my Tumblr is going to be about since True Blood has been the biggest part of it.  Of course, it’ll remain Alexander Skarsgård and Eric Northman, but there will be no more speculations or long discussions with people that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet.  I do enjoy the discourse and contemplating different points of views, and True Blood was the center of that. 

And, most importantly, THANK GOD FOR ERIC AND SOOKIE FANFICTION — the place where my ship lives on and on and on and on. I do hope these talented writers continue to write their story even when the show ends, because I fear fanfiction will be the only place where the majority of True Blood fans will get the ending we were all hoping for. :)

Take care!

I feel the same way.  Though I haven’t been a reader of fanfic, I soon will be.  (In fact, I’ve written several of my own short stories just for my own personal enjoyment.)

This is what puzzles me:  I am a grown-ass woman, independent, educated (two grad school degrees), established and successful in my profession, generally happy and healthy, have experienced things many people hope for (marriage, children, etc.), so WHY DO I ALLOW A FICTIONAL STORY TO MAKE ME SO WEARY?  The writers have made me regret my emotional investment.  It’s like watching someone abuse your children and there is nothing you can do about it.  I just want to jump in and slap someone, and I’ve never been a violent person.  Still, I dread the end of the series.  Why would I miss something that has upset me so much?  I should look forward to an end, but I don’t.  What’s wrong with me?  Yeah, we need a support group.

When the series ends and the dust settles, I will rename my blog.  It will be a multi-fandom blog with particular attention paid to Alexander Skarsgard and his characters (and other shows I like), but bidding farewell to True Blood is painful.  :(

I just wanted to say I think your thoughts on Eric and Pam are spot on and I appreciate you sharing. I am a long time Sooric shipper but I have multi shipped for a while and more recently admitted to myself that Sooric is unhealthy. As someone that has been emotionally abused, I see Sookie as emotionally abusive to Eric in a way. Yet people would rather compare Pam's love to Bill/Sookie's sick twisted and abusive obsession than admit Pam is what Eric needs to be happy? why? That's so extreme!

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Thank you for your feedback! I’m a long time Sooric shipper too. Sookie and Eric have meant the world to me, the possibility of this relationship, even remote as it was at the beginning of season 2, caught me off guard and fascinated me so much that I became obsessed with this show. I loved how strikingly different these two characters were, and since I love mismatched, crazy, impossible pairings, I couldn’t resist. But the way the Eric/Sookie relationship has been handled since mid-season4 left me emotionally unsatisfied, puzzled and with a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. Yes, Sooric - the way Sooric is now - is not healthy. I wouldn’t say Sookie is emotionally abusive to Eric - I don’t think she’s cruel on purpose or anything, she’s not Bill - but she takes advantage of the feelings she knows Eric has for her in many ways. Watching Eric being the third wheel over and over again, seeing the hurt and the resignation on his face, breaks my heart, and it’s time for him to break this vicious circle. All dreams and shippy expectations aside, I don’t think Sookie can ever be the right person for Eric. Even if she could get past her obsession for Bill (which she won’t), she’ll forever be the kind of person who appreciates empty chivalry, pompous love speeches; who believes in love at first sight and star crossed lovers, who likes a small life in her small town. All things Eric is not. Eric is far from perfect, but yes he deserves to be happy. I think Sookie blinded him because she’s so different from the women in his life (Pam, Nora, who are world travelers, sophisticated, ambitious, clever); I think it was exactly the way she’s so ordinary that fascinated him… but at the same time, it’s also what keeps them apart.

As for Pam, it does make me sad that her love for Eric is labeled as clingy and obsessive, when she’s literally the only person in this world who supports and cares for him genuinely, who misses him when he’s not around (sookie does not), who is ready to take a bullet for him. It makes me even sadder considering that people are so eager to justify Sookie’s obsession for Bill, to blame it on the blood, on Bill’s manipulation, on everything except on Sookie herself. As things are now, I think the blood is not an excuse anymore. Sookie is not the naive, inexperienced little girl she was at the beginning; she knows very well what the blood’s effects are; she knows how Bill’s thought patterns work; she knows that people tend to remember their first love fondly even if the relationship was far from perfect; yet she keeps coming back for more. It’s not the blood, it’s Sookie. Do I want Eric to keep pining for such a person, who still thinks that Bill is a better man than him? The answer is no.



He receives no acknowledgement that he cares about her.

"Say something, I’m giving up on you."

This is part of why the audience has checked out on Sookie. She’s so Bill-obsessed she can’t even see anyone else. It’s not healthy. She’s been made into this stunted character who’s only reason for existing is him. If Eric had Sookie’s gift, and looked in her head, all he’d see is “Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill.” They’ve pushed her character past “Aww, look how much she loves him,” to “That girl is crazy.” It’s not attractive. 

This didn’t need to happen. There were plenty of narrative suggestions in earlier seasons that Sookie was capable of growing up and moving on from this obsessive, destructive relationship. The writers just never let her do it. They are turning the show into a tragedy—the Girl Who Never Grew Up.

Before asking about Bill, Sookie paused for a few seconds, looking straight at him and didn’t say a word.  No smile.  No nothing.  It wouldn’t have taken much to say something, even if just a “You are a good friend, Eric.” How is Eric (and fans) supposed to interpret that?  It came across as cold and heartless.  What are the writers thinking to accomplish in making her seem so deliberately cold and dismissive of him and his feelings?  Making fans dislike New Sookie doesn’t endear us to Bill or buy into his ridiculous redemption.

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